Character Themed Lunches

Star Wars Boon

Star Wars Boon Cargo Lunch. here I used some alphabet cutters on cheese to make the star wars, some lightsaber picks and food rings.

It’s that time again, you’re getting ready to pack lunch, but you don’t want the same old thing. That’s where a fun themed lunch comes in!

Some of the lunches I’ve made that I love the most are those that had a theme. Today I’m going to discuss character Themes.

Bubble Guppies Fuel

Bubble Guppies Fuel Bento lunch. I started with the sandwich using a shaped sandwich cutter to get the bubble edge, placed some food rings into it and added bubbles with the foodoodlers as well as on the egg which I used a fish shaped mould for, wavy cutter on the carrot with dolphin pick, some more food rings and picks.Β I love when I have an egg mould that matches the theme as it’s another cute element while still being healthy food.

My school boy has lots of favourite characters but there are a few he loves the most, so when I have the time to spend a little extra on his lunch I try toΒ go with a character theme to make it extra special for him at school.

I usually start by deciding which cutters or picks/food rings I have that I can use and go from there. I start with his sandwich, then try to include at least 3 elements of the theme such as alpha letters, food rings, shaped food, picks or foodoodlers drawn on something in the lunchbox so that it ties the whole lunch together without each thing inside needing to match the theme.

TMNT Yumbox

Raphael Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Yumbox: I started with the sandwich cutter (which is actually a Leonardo one but by colouring with the foodoodlers its now raph!) foodoodlers on half an apple to add the mask, eye picks, food ring add some alphabet letters are always a cute option to spell out the theme.

May the Fourth Star Wars Yumbox

May the Fourth Star Wars Yumbox: This time I used imprint cookie cutters to make the character sandwiches, with lightsaber picks and food rings to decorate the rest of the lunch.

Next time you have a little extra to spend on lunch packing why not try one of your child’s favourite Themes? The joy on their faces is totally worth it!

Batman Lunch in the Bentgo Kids

This Batman lunch is one that he still talks about! I used a large Bat cookie cutter to make the bat sandwich, smaller ones to make the carrots, added a “B” for batman in his strawberry, Batman Food Rings and drew on his egg with foodoodlers.

– Mel


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