First Day Back Lunches

imageTerm 4 has begun! Today I packed my 6 year old prep boys lunch in the Bentgo Kids.

He has: Meatballs leftover from dinner, Grapes, Carrot sticks, apple slices, dried apricots, crackers and cheese and a Thomas boiled egg.


Fruit break consisted of banana, orange and a cacao ball.


Last night we made the chia and cacao balls and my son helped out with the rolling of the coconut. I always think getting them to help is great as they love to be involved in the making of their food, he polished off 2 before bed!


Another cute thing I made up in the holidays were little lunchbox note cards. I used theseΒ Free PrintablesΒ then laminated and cut them out.

Not to forget my 3 year old and his home lunch today:


Mr. 3 has Tomatoes, Grapes, sugar snap peas, meatballs, almonds, cucumber and Ham Rollies packed in his Bentgo as well. He will eat more than this today but loves when I make him lunch too.

I can’t believe school is back already, the holidays went so quick! What did you pack today?

  • Mel

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