Fun Friday Lunch

In my sons class each week his teacher makes Friday “Fun Friday”. They have an obstacle course and outside play in the morning plus painting and other fun things throughout the day alongside their learning. It’s always the one he looks forward to, I think knowing he gets the weekend the day after helps too! 

I usually try to make his Friday lunch a bit more fun. Today I packed lunch in his bentgo kids. 
He has ham and cheese barley wraps, grapes, sugar snap peas, Tiny Teddy carrots, cacao and chia ball, cheese stick, and apple slices. 

He loves it when I use the little bear cutter so I know he’s going to love those carrots! 

The system I use when packing his lunch is to make it balanced: carbs, dairy, protein, fruit and veg. I try to make sure he has something from each category, It helps with making it varied and to ensure he has lasting energy to learn at school. 

Do you have a system you use to pack lunch? I’d love to hear it!

– Mel


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