Monday Yumbox Puzzle Lunch

Today I have made my Prep Boys Lunch in his Yumbox Original. The theme I went with is “Puzzle”. 

One of my sons favorite things (apart from Thomas the Tank) is puzzles! So when we got the lunch punch set of Puzzle sandwich cutters they quickly became a favorite bento item of ours.

I used the puzzle cutter on his sandwich and his cheese, it looks so effective plus they actually go together so that’s fun for him at lunch time. 

I used these puzzle picks to make some mini fruit kabobs out of grapes and strawberries.

I also added some alpha letters to spell puzzle in his egg, my son loves it when I add words to his lunch!

And lastly for his Fruit Break he has a Slinky Apple, always a winner 😊 

I find making special lunches makes it easier for me because I get excited about what I’m going to pack instead of dreading it. It’s a creative outlet for me and it has really helped my son to love his healthy food. 

– Mel


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