Halloween Lunch #2

Our second halloween lunch has been made in the boon cargo. I’m really enjoying doing these ones for my son. While we were at our local Coles yesterday I picked up some Lindt chocolate ghosts with pumpkin and ghost picks in them and thought they’d be great for adding to lunches! We don’t normally buy treats like this but my son has been so excited for halloween this year because last year we celebrated it and the kids had so much fun.

Anyway back to the healthy Halloween lunch! 

After the kids had had some of the ghosts yesterday I trimmed off the circle part of pick so they are long and perfect for mini kabobs. 

He has grapes and strawberries on these ones.

And his favorite watermelon balls on the others.

Using some alpha letter cutters I made the word “Boo” out of cucumber and added a small pick to keep it in place.

I added a corn cob monster, cheese and salami sticks, pumpkin shaped carrots, a coco2 spread pumpkin sandwich and another cute laminated note from These Printables

Plus a banana for fruit break:

I picked up a really cool new lunch bag yesterday that I’m hoping my son loves, it’s called a “PackIt”fully freezable lunch bag and keeps the food cold for 10 hours, much like a fridge to go but much cuter for my son. 

If you own a boon cargo you would know how hard it is to find a lunch bag that it fits in, I was so excited when it fit in our new one!

All packed and ready for school my son will have a nice and cool (literally) halloween lunch today! 

Have you made a halloween lunch? Hopefully this has inspired you!

– Mel


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