Kindergarten Lunch

My youngest went to his kinder orientation day today. They needed to take some lunch so he was super excited! 

I packed his lunch in the bentgo kids box and managed to cover all bases: fruit, veg, carbs, protein and dairy. 

His lunch was: 

Car shaped carrots, cherry tomato and baby cucumber mini kabobs, plane shaped cheese slices, salami stick, vege spread funbites sandwich, grapes, strawberries and homemade strawberry yoghurt in his little mashie. 

My littlest is a much less fussy eater and is pretty happy with anything so I don’t need to do as much “presentation” in his lunches. I also try to use less picks for him because he has a habit of taking and playing with them so he’s really good at losing them! As he gets older I will make them more like his brothers. 

Do you have any little ones starting kinder or school next year? It’s going to be pretty exciting I think, my littlest gets a bit bored with just mummy at home so kinder will give him a break from me and a chance to learn and play without me there. Mummy’s heart is breaking just a little with how fast my boys are growing but it’s also such an exciting time. 

– Mel


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