Skeleton Halloween Lunch

Wednesday School Halloween lunch is a spooky skeleton and pumpkins theme. Lunch is packed in the Fuel Bento today, I find I can fit a fair amount of food in this box and it’s a bit taller than others so can handle things like corn easily.

I went food shopping yesterday on the hunt for the new Cheddar Babybel cheeses that have just come out in Australia, which is really exciting because we only ever had the normal red ones! The flavour of the cheddar is much preferred by my son and it matches so cute with the halloween theme. I used a Fred Brand gingerdead men cutter on his sandwich which is Rye bread with coco2 spread. I sliced chicken into strips and made a pinwheel kabob using one of the picks from the Lindt chocolates we got a few weeks ago. Plus a few pieces of treat natural popcorn.

The second half of lunch has the awesome new polka dot corn cob I found at the supermarket yesterday which my son is so excited about, he loves corn raw so it’s easy to pack in his lunch. I sliced carrot lengthways and used a Bone cookie cutter to keep with the skeleton theme. The food rings and Happy Β Halloween pick are a great addition too. Sliced strawberries and grapes with bone picks and a Jack O lantern mandarin complete this spooky lunch.


I only have 2 more to go before halloween, I’ve had so much fun making these as I’m a bit of a spooky horror freak so being able to use all the spooky items has been really cool!

– Mel


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