Friday Halloween Lunch

The last of the Halloween lunches is here! It has been so fun making all these lunches but I am excited to be going back to whatever theme I want to do. I was thrilled to use all the halloween inspiration I’d found throughout the year and I think I managed to get them all in. Next year I will have more picks ahead of time and have to think up all new ideas. 

Today’s lunch is packed in the Boon Trunk again because I find this one really good for size and packing larger things. 

Today’s theme is kind of spiders kind of spooky, general halloween. I used another of the free Lunchbox Jokes from Artsyfartsymama these are just so cute. 

I made mini halloween pizzas with string cheese for the spider web and sliced cheese for the ghost one. Add some plastic spiders and it’s SPOOKY! 

Orange Jack O Lantern babybel, watermelon balls and strawberries made cute and spooky with some picks. 

Polka for corn cob with spooked out eyes and spider, BOO carrot, sugar snap peas halved and some healthy bat biscuits I made on the weekend. 

This lunch completes my Halloween Lunches, I’m kind of sad it’s come to an end but excited for all the other styles of lunch I can pack again! 

I hope you’ve been inspired to add some halloween into your little ones food, I know my son was so excited by all these. 

– Mel


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