Minion Lunch + Printable Link

It’s Minion Madness in my boys Yumbox today! The Yellow Ananas Yumbox was a perfect match for the minion theme.

I had seen these free printables a while back and knew they would be perfect for a minion lunch:

Wrapper plus other minion printables

Banana Minion Outfit

Isn’t the banana gorgeous! The link said to use glue but I just used blu-Tac and it worked great.

This half of lunch has roast chicken pita wrapped in a minion, apple slices, carrot and salami mini sticks and MINION cheese cutout. I find the top large section perfect for writing a word in food.

The second half of lunch has corn off the cob, organic popcorn and yoghurt covered sultanas we picked up at a local deli yesterday my son was so excited for something new in his lunchbox! The eyes in the corn are from a minion toy my youngest broke and I thought they’d be such a cute addition.

Thursday at our school is tuckshop day and they don’t have many healthy options and of those couple of things (fruit salad cup, boiled egg and salami stick) I can make that at home. So while the other kids are chowing down on their tuckshop my son will have his cool minion lunch! He never feels like he is missing out and has never asked for tuckshop because he knows it’s not healthy food we eat.

This lunch was very simple but the printables make it awesome. I printed them and cut them out ready during the day so that it was quick when it came time to make lunch.

– Mel


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