Tuesday Bentgo Lunch

Today’s lunch is packed in the Bentgo Kids and has a little bit of all my sons current acceptable foods. 

I keep trying to introduce new things but he has not been very willing. Today is a toned back lunch with the focus on the food. 

The main of this lunch is roast chicken, yoghurt with strawberries, yoghurt covered sultanas, five counties cheese slices, banana chips and bagel chips. 

The fruit and veg part of lunch is carrot sticks, grape kabob and a big strawberry.

Let’s hope this one comes back empty! He’s had a fussy turn and won’t eat salami or twiggy sticks at the moment or his favorite sugar snap peas or even banana. I just hope he will accept them again soon as he has limited foods he will eat and it’s getting pretty frustrating because I worry he will get bored of the same foods everyday. 

– Mel


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