Week 8 & 9 Lunches

We’ve been super busy in the lead up to Christmas with heaps of appointments for my son so I haven’t had much chance to blog. 

Here is a lunch roundup of the past couple of weeks! 

Thursday  Lunch:  

Packed in the Planetbox: corn on cob, apple slinky, yoghurt covered sultanas, grapes, strawberries, carrot sticks, peas, babybel cheese, popcorn and chicken wraps.

Friday Lunch:

Peas, cheese stick, fruit leather, strawberries, apricot, cacao and date balls, popcorn and roast chicken.

Monday Lunch:

Spiderman theme planetbox: peas, strawberries, apple slices, grapes, cheese, boiled egg, silverside sandwich and sugar snap peas.

Tuesday Lunch:

First Christmas lunch of the year! Peas, cheese stars, green and red apple slices, yoghurt covered sultanas, carrot stars, grapes and coco2 sandwich.

Wednesday Lunch:

Second Christmas Lunch: apple slices, cherry and apple fruit leather, blackberries, yoghurt covered goji berries, corn on cob, twiggy stick, babybel cheese and coco2 Christmas tree sandwiches plus a baby banana. 

How are you going in the lead up to Christmas? School is almost finished here, the end is in sight!

– Mel


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