Dr. Seuss Day Lunches

Happy Dr. Seuss day! March 2nd is the birthday of a man who is regarded very highly in our household from my own childhood and in my children’s. 

I have many fond memories of learning to read with Suess’ amazing quirky stories and many more of reading them again to my own kids. There is just something about all the quirkiness and fun that draws everybody in and I haven’t met anyone that doesn’t adore his stories. My kids are lucky,  they have “The Cat in the Hat” and “The Lorax” on DVD as well as many well loved stories in our home. What better way to celebrate than by including their favourite stories in their lunchboxes today!

First up is my Kindergarten Boys lunch. Packed in his Kmart lunchbox (I really love this box for kinder) he has “The Cat in the Hat” and “Green eggs and Ham” theme:

I started with a vegemite cat sandwich using a cute z cute animal palz cutter, a Hat carved apple, a cheese stick with cat in the hat drawn on the packet, a fruit and veggie yoghurt, Green eggs (I opted for filling them with peas because my kids won’t eat green devilled egg) ham rolls, a blueberry and strawberry Thing 1 and some kiwiberries that have just come into season. 

My Grade 1 Boy has his favourite “The Lorax” and “Green eggs and ham” plus “Cat in the Hat”.

Packed in his planetbox is Ham and Pretzel Truffula Trees, yoghurt covered apricot green eggs made with a foodoodler spot, broccoli trees, carrot flowers, cat in the hat cheese stick, green eggs, baby corn and coco2 Lorax sandwich with Gouda cheese moustache (I find Gouda great for not breaking) 

Plus we will share some Seuss favorite stories tonight. 

– Mel


DIY Lunchbox Notes

Today I’m making up a heap of laminated lunchbox notes for my sons lunches. 

I went onto Pinterest and found a heap of free Printables: 

Lunchbox love notes – Printable Lunch Box Notes – Disney Lunch Box Notes – Lunchbox Fruit Jokes – Printable Lunch Notes – Lunch Box Notes – Add your own text Lunch Box Notes 
I downloaded and printed them off. Once cut out I place them in the laminating sheets with space between so the edges get sealed. This means I can wash them if they get funky from food! 


So pretty once laminated! 

Cut them out and you’re ready to roll!

– Mel

Yonanas – Healthy all Fruit Soft-Serve

We have gone YONANAS!!

I saw these awesome machines last year but they were a bit pricey. I recently saw them on sale so thought why not it seems really great but I didn’t know if it would work as easy as the box says, I’m here to tell you it does!

The kids were begging me to make some Ice creams because the weather is warming up and I don’t like to give them Store-Bought Icy poles. We usually make our own frozen yoghurts but this morning I thought we would try out our new contraption.


I had peeled and frozen ripe bananas a few days before ready and grabbed some frozen raspberries and strawberries for a nice colour and yummy taste. We were ready to rumble.


I placed the fruit in alternatedย because I wanted it mixed nice and even, It’s very loud but I was instantly impressed with the “soft-serve” that was coming out!

The texture of this was really good and it mixes the fruit perfectly with no lumps.


The kids were so excited and saying yummy straight away they couldn’t wait to try it. We put some in these cute ice pop makers and rationed the rest between them and it was gobbled up instantly.


It is perfectly mixed and smooth, much better than any food processor or blender fruit I’ve tried before. A great healthy summer treat for the kids and so easy to make,ย I can see us using this a lot in the next few months, it will also be great for making smoothie bowls for myself.


Very impressed with the final result, YUM!

  • Mel

Little Mashies – Making our own yoghurt

Making your own yoghurt is not only cost-effective but you can monitor what is actually going into it. It’s an easy job the kids love to help with and once the yoghurt is ready the kids can help filling up the reusable pouches.

Using reusable pouches is an excellent way to help cutting down on your carbon footprint (opposed to buying the disposable supermarket pouches) and they look much nicer than store-bought anyway! My kids love the Little Mashies colours and characters. I also find when the kids are involved in the process they are much more likely to eat it.


First I started with 2 of the DIY Hassels Kids yoghurt packs in the chocolate flavour which we got on sale for $1.50 each. We made as per the instructions (only need to add water) and put it in our easiyo yoghurt maker. After 8 hours our 1kg of yoghurt was ready to be divided into the pouches.


I transferred the yoghurt into my trusty Pyrex measuring jug for easy pouring and filled each pouch to just over half so that I could close them without over filling.


Our Yoghurt filled 8 Little Mashies so if you work out $3 divided by 8 it works out to just .37c each. For a yoghurt pouch you can’t even get them on clearance that cheap!


Once filled I store in a long tub in the fridge (mummy’s coconut yoghurt behind) for easy access and to keep them all standing up nicely. As I type this the kids are already tucking into one each, Maybe that easy access thing wasn’t such a great idea!


We love reusable pouches and the Little Mashies are a great size for my Mr.3 and Mr.6. My kids love helping in the kitchen and this is a job that’s relatively easy and stress free so why not make up some yoghurt and save yourself money while saving the environment too.

  • Mel

Character Themed Lunches

Star Wars Boon

Star Wars Boon Cargo Lunch. here I used some alphabet cutters on cheese to make the star wars, some lightsaber picks and food rings.

It’s that time again, you’re getting ready to pack lunch, but you don’t want the same old thing. That’s where a fun themed lunch comes in!

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