Bento Storage and Organisation

Each set of school holidays I like to go through all our Bento items and reorganise and put things back where they go ready for the new term. 

I thought some of you may be interested to find some storage ideas for your collection, keep in mind my collection has been building for 3 years and it has become a hobby for me from something that started as a way to feed my ASD son and now my other son needs lunches each day as well so the collection has grown even more. For us this is our way of making Healthy food fun and enticing my little ones to eat. We eat with our eyes first and Bento is a great way to help with that.

To start with I will show you how I store our collection on the bench top then show the contents of each drawer: 

I have tried a few different storage types over the last 3 years but have found mini drawers to be the best. I have different sizes for different things. First off I’ll show the inside of the 4 taller coloured drawers:

The Purple Drawer contains our MySqueeze pouches, reusable sandwich bags underneath, circle square and person cookie cutters, Funbites Cutter, animal Sandwich cutter plus other cutters:

Next is the Blue Drawer which has stainless steel cookie cutters, flower heart and star cutter sets, Imprint Cutters and Plunger Cutters:

Next drawer is pink which has various Sandwich cutters:

The green drawer is full of lunchpunch sandwich cutters, we have the match and munch, sporty, vrrrm, sweet, sandwishes plus the dog one from critter cutters and a bear and car pocket mould:

The next set of drawers are the mini ones which have most of the smaller cutters.

 The top drawer has all of my mini cutters, I use these mostly for fruits, vegetables , cheese and cutting shapes into babybel cheeses:  
Next is some cutter sets, mainly animals:

  Next drawer has more cutters, superman, different animals and some vehicles:  
Next one is a bit of a mixed bag, Thomas imprint cutters, Stormtrooper container plus more sandwich cutters:


Alphabet picks and cutters plus nori cutters:
Next drawer is small containers I use for things like sultanas, Dips and others small things:


Last drawer in that stack has some different novelty foil:
The next set of drawers is the clear set of 3,  it has all of our cute z cute cutter sets and egg moulds:


Next has the silicone cups I use most often, and the more plainer ones: 

The bottom drawer has more novelty silicone cups and ones I use less often:

The next collection is probably my favourite and that is food picks and rings!

This container are the main ones I use:

The next box has mainly rings and bigger picks. I have tried different containers but found these tackle boxes to be the best.


I hope I’ve given you some storage ideas for all your bento gadgets, any questions just let me know,
– Mel