Bento Storage and Organisation

Each set of school holidays I like to go through all our Bento items and reorganise and put things back where they go ready for the new term. 

I thought some of you may be interested to find some storage ideas for your collection, keep in mind my collection has been building for 3 years and it has become a hobby for me from something that started as a way to feed my ASD son and now my other son needs lunches each day as well so the collection has grown even more. For us this is our way of making Healthy food fun and enticing my little ones to eat. We eat with our eyes first and Bento is a great way to help with that.

To start with I will show you how I store our collection on the bench top then show the contents of each drawer: 

I have tried a few different storage types over the last 3 years but have found mini drawers to be the best. I have different sizes for different things. First off I’ll show the inside of the 4 taller coloured drawers:

The Purple Drawer contains our MySqueeze pouches, reusable sandwich bags underneath, circle square and person cookie cutters, Funbites Cutter, animal Sandwich cutter plus other cutters:

Next is the Blue Drawer which has stainless steel cookie cutters, flower heart and star cutter sets, Imprint Cutters and Plunger Cutters:

Next drawer is pink which has various Sandwich cutters:

The green drawer is full of lunchpunch sandwich cutters, we have the match and munch, sporty, vrrrm, sweet, sandwishes plus the dog one from critter cutters and a bear and car pocket mould:

The next set of drawers are the mini ones which have most of the smaller cutters.

 The top drawer has all of my mini cutters, I use these mostly for fruits, vegetables , cheese and cutting shapes into babybel cheeses:  
Next is some cutter sets, mainly animals:

  Next drawer has more cutters, superman, different animals and some vehicles:  
Next one is a bit of a mixed bag, Thomas imprint cutters, Stormtrooper container plus more sandwich cutters:


Alphabet picks and cutters plus nori cutters:
Next drawer is small containers I use for things like sultanas, Dips and others small things:


Last drawer in that stack has some different novelty foil:
The next set of drawers is the clear set of 3,  it has all of our cute z cute cutter sets and egg moulds:


Next has the silicone cups I use most often, and the more plainer ones: 

The bottom drawer has more novelty silicone cups and ones I use less often:

The next collection is probably my favourite and that is food picks and rings!

This container are the main ones I use:

The next box has mainly rings and bigger picks. I have tried different containers but found these tackle boxes to be the best.


I hope I’ve given you some storage ideas for all your bento gadgets, any questions just let me know,
– Mel


Pirate Boat Lunch

Happy Friday! Lunch today is packed in the Fuel Bento. 

We got some really cool 5 flavour cheese from a specialty delicatessen the other day, my son is a cheese fan and we don’t have colby jack in Australia so this is the next best thing! 

I used a dolphin cutter but I think next time I’ll use a slightly larger slice. He also has a cavendish banana, pita pocket and salami stick in first half of lunch. When I went to add the tuna this morning to the pocket he said he didn’t want it so with a quick redo this is now the first half of lunch with a tuna corn and mayo wrap instead: 

The dolphins didn’t survive! 

The second half of lunch is apple boats, yoghurt covered sultanas, honey yoghurt with protein and chia, carrot and peas. 


– Mel

Friday Halloween Lunch

The last of the Halloween lunches is here! It has been so fun making all these lunches but I am excited to be going back to whatever theme I want to do. I was thrilled to use all the halloween inspiration I’d found throughout the year and I think I managed to get them all in. Next year I will have more picks ahead of time and have to think up all new ideas. 

Today’s lunch is packed in the Boon Trunk again because I find this one really good for size and packing larger things. 

Today’s theme is kind of spiders kind of spooky, general halloween. I used another of the free Lunchbox Jokes from Artsyfartsymama these are just so cute. 

I made mini halloween pizzas with string cheese for the spider web and sliced cheese for the ghost one. Add some plastic spiders and it’s SPOOKY! 

Orange Jack O Lantern babybel, watermelon balls and strawberries made cute and spooky with some picks. 

Polka for corn cob with spooked out eyes and spider, BOO carrot, sugar snap peas halved and some healthy bat biscuits I made on the weekend. 

This lunch completes my Halloween Lunches, I’m kind of sad it’s come to an end but excited for all the other styles of lunch I can pack again! 

I hope you’ve been inspired to add some halloween into your little ones food, I know my son was so excited by all these. 

– Mel

Spooky Eyes Halloween Bento

Thursday Lunch is a spooky eyeball theme packed in the yumbox panino. 

A while ago I saw a blog post on Eats Amazing for the Eyeball Sandwich Tutorial and knew it would be perfect for Halloween Lunches. 

They turned out awesome! Not difficult either. I decided to make it into a scary face so added strawberries for the cheeks, a carrot nose, grape face and apple slices with vampire teeth for the mouth. 

My third attempt at the marbled egg was a success, you need to leave it soak in the water for over an hour, left longer the colour would have been even more vibrant. The other eyeball is a babybel cheese with a grape slice pupil and foodoodler veins. I also added peas with an eye pick, sugar snap peas and a salami stick and a black Happy Halloween pick to complete it. 

Now to think of what to do for tomorrow’s lunch! 

– Mel  

Witch Halloween Lunch

It’s the last school week before Halloween! That means 5 more Halloween Lunches. I’ve started the week with a witch theme. 


Today’s lunch is packed in the Boon Cargo. I love how the sandwich is central and everything else surrounds. At the sides he has a boiled egg with alpha letters, babybel cheese with a “W” for Witch, apple slices and grapes. 


His sandwich has a plastic cupcake topper and cat pick with foodoodler cauldron drawn on. Behind the sandwich are star biscuits I made yesterday. 

Up the top of the lunchbox he has peas, witches broom made from a twiggy stick and ham with a wrap band to secure it, carrot stars and another lunchbox note from these Free Halloween Joke Printables at artsyfartsymama. 

Finished off with a banana for fruit break and packed in his freezable lunch bag. 

– Mel

Vampire Halloween Lunch

It’s Friday here today so the last school lunch of the week. Today I went with a vampire theme as I havnt done that yet and picked up these cute plastic fangs cheap. Lunch is packed in the Fuel Bento.

The lunch is mainly red and black which ties it together without everything being “Halloween”. For his sandwich I just placed some eye picks and vampire teeth to be Dracula and some foodoodler accents. Bat moulded egg and bat cheese with salami sticks complete the first half of lunch. 


For the second half of lunch he has carrot stars, apple with teeth, grapes and strawberries. Plus another of the cute Halloween Lunch Box Jokes from artsyfartsymama.


Happy end of the week, Stay tuned for more spooky lunches next week as we approach Halloween!

– Mel

Mummy Bentgo Halloween Lunch

Today’s lunch is packed in the Bentgo Kids. I went with a mummy theme today and I think it turned out really cute, my son is really going to love this one!

It matches so well with the green Bentgo Kids too, my sons favorite colour is green so he loves it when I pack lunch in this one.

With his egg I sliced it uneven and twisted each slice around so it looked like mummy wrapping, add some eyes and you have an instant mummy! I’m trying peas for the first time in his lunch today, they are one of his top foods so I’m hoping they get gobbled up. I just used frozen ones and they will be thawed by now so they’re ready to go.  I made cacao and date protein balls yesterday and it’s a recipe I haven’t tried before but they turned out well and my youngest has already proclaimed they are YUMMY! Let’s hope my eldest agrees.

Slinky apples are another of his top foods and I thought it would go perfect with the mummy theme, again just add eyes and instant mummy! I used one of our Happy Halloween Picks in his dried apricots to bring some colour through.

I added another of the super cute Free Halloween Lunch Box Jokes from artsyfartsymama.

And my favourite part of the lunch: his Mummy Wrap. It’s a ham, cheese and carrot wrap using a wrap band to hold it together and I trimmed the excess then sliced them to be the mummy wrapping. No wastage and my son will eat it all, add some eyes and the mummy is so so cute! Plus some carrot sticks and alpha letters and this lunch is done.

I really enjoyed making this one, some days the ideas just flow and I have to pick only a few to fit in the lunchbox but it has come together really well. It may just be one of my favourite lunches so far, and I’ve made ALOT of lunches so it’s exciting to still get that excitement for them. I let my creativity run free and it works perfectly for us because when his lunches are fun my son will easily eat them up and enjoy his healthy food. That’s a Mum win in my book.

What do you do to take the mundane out of packing lunches and get the kids eating healthy? I’d love to hear what works in your family too!

– Mel

Ghost Halloween Bento

Another spooky Halloween Lunch for my boy today, this time it’s a “Ghostly” one!

Lunch today is packed in the Boon Trunk. The other day I found this cute ghost cutter in a baking pack we’ve had for a while now and knew it would be a perfect addition for our halloween lunches. I used it on the sandwich and cheese.

The adorable Halloween Lunch box joke comes in a set and is available for free downloadΒ HereΒ from artsyfartsymama.

Apple slices are one of the first things that gets eaten from my sons lunch each day, I am always asked how I stop my apples from browning and I’m going to let you in on the big secret…NOTHING! The only thing I do is always keep the slices together like this so if there’s any trick that’s it! My son is super fussy and his apple is always eaten so I must be doing something right.

The rest of his lunch was star carrots, salami stick, grapes, ghost cheese slices, babybel cheese and a big fail “Marbled” egg, Next time I will leave it in longer.

Do you ever have lunch flops, Things you wanted to go to plan but just didn’t? This just goes to show that I do too 😊 all in all it came together well and I’m loving making halloween lunches for my son.

– Mel

Kindergarten Lunch

My youngest went to his kinder orientation day today. They needed to take some lunch so he was super excited! 

I packed his lunch in the bentgo kids box and managed to cover all bases: fruit, veg, carbs, protein and dairy. 

His lunch was: 

Car shaped carrots, cherry tomato and baby cucumber mini kabobs, plane shaped cheese slices, salami stick, vege spread funbites sandwich, grapes, strawberries and homemade strawberry yoghurt in his little mashie. 

My littlest is a much less fussy eater and is pretty happy with anything so I don’t need to do as much “presentation” in his lunches. I also try to use less picks for him because he has a habit of taking and playing with them so he’s really good at losing them! As he gets older I will make them more like his brothers. 

Do you have any little ones starting kinder or school next year? It’s going to be pretty exciting I think, my littlest gets a bit bored with just mummy at home so kinder will give him a break from me and a chance to learn and play without me there. Mummy’s heart is breaking just a little with how fast my boys are growing but it’s also such an exciting time. 

– Mel

Paw Patrol Lunch

Friday fun: Paw Patrol! Today’s lunch is packed in the Boon Cargo. 

Mr. Prep has: Marshall sandwich, Cheese Bones, strawberry and grape mini kabobs, carrot bones, boiled egg and sultanas in the mini tub.

Yesterday I found a bone shape cookie cutter and knew that I could finally do the paw patrol lunch I’d been thinking of. I used the bone cutter on the carrot and cheese. 

The cutter I used for his sandwich was the LunchPunch dog kennel from the Critters pack. It was pretty cute as it was but then I added the spots and hat with foodoodlers and the result is super cute!

Add in some puppy picks and alpha letters and it was done. Paw Patrol is one of the shows my son really loves so I know he’s going to be one happy boy at lunchtime today! 

– Mel