Friday Halloween Lunch

The last of the Halloween lunches is here! It has been so fun making all these lunches but I am excited to be going back to whatever theme I want to do. I was thrilled to use all the halloween inspiration I’d found throughout the year and I think I managed to get them all in. Next year I will have more picks ahead of time and have to think up all new ideas. 

Today’s lunch is packed in the Boon Trunk again because I find this one really good for size and packing larger things. 

Today’s theme is kind of spiders kind of spooky, general halloween. I used another of the free Lunchbox Jokes from Artsyfartsymama these are just so cute. 

I made mini halloween pizzas with string cheese for the spider web and sliced cheese for the ghost one. Add some plastic spiders and it’s SPOOKY! 

Orange Jack O Lantern babybel, watermelon balls and strawberries made cute and spooky with some picks. 

Polka for corn cob with spooked out eyes and spider, BOO carrot, sugar snap peas halved and some healthy bat biscuits I made on the weekend. 

This lunch completes my Halloween Lunches, I’m kind of sad it’s come to an end but excited for all the other styles of lunch I can pack again! 

I hope you’ve been inspired to add some halloween into your little ones food, I know my son was so excited by all these. 

– Mel


Frankenstein Halloween Lunch

I am so pleased with today’s lunch, it turned out awesome! Relatively simple too but it looks really effective. 

Lunch is packed in the Boon Trunk and I used the gorgeous Frankenstein joke from this free set at Artsyfartsymama.

Mini Frank apple slices with foodoodler accents and eyes, salami stick and corn on the cob.

Strawberries with a Frankenstein cupcake ring, sugar snap peas and grapes with alpha letters. My black food cups are getting quite the workout with these halloween lunches, they match perfectly! 

My favorite part of the lunch! I had in my head a Frankenstein wrap for months now and yesterday I found the green wraps at the supermarket to do it. Inside is roast chicken, carrot and cheese. I added some eyes, foodoodler accents and used nori for his hair. I was going to add some bolts but I don’t like poking too many things into wraps in case my son doesn’t realise they are there so I stuck with just the eyes. It’s a winner though my Son saw it and LOVES it! 
I hope you’ve been inspired to add some halloween into your lunch, it doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. Sometimes simple things look the best! 

– Mel

Ghost Halloween Bento

Another spooky Halloween Lunch for my boy today, this time it’s a “Ghostly” one!

Lunch today is packed in the Boon Trunk. The other day I found this cute ghost cutter in a baking pack we’ve had for a while now and knew it would be a perfect addition for our halloween lunches. I used it on the sandwich and cheese.

The adorable Halloween Lunch box joke comes in a set and is available for free downloadΒ HereΒ from artsyfartsymama.

Apple slices are one of the first things that gets eaten from my sons lunch each day, I am always asked how I stop my apples from browning and I’m going to let you in on the big secret…NOTHING! The only thing I do is always keep the slices together like this so if there’s any trick that’s it! My son is super fussy and his apple is always eaten so I must be doing something right.

The rest of his lunch was star carrots, salami stick, grapes, ghost cheese slices, babybel cheese and a big fail “Marbled” egg, Next time I will leave it in longer.

Do you ever have lunch flops, Things you wanted to go to plan but just didn’t? This just goes to show that I do too 😊 all in all it came together well and I’m loving making halloween lunches for my son.

– Mel

Boon Trunk – Lunchbox Series

I’m going to do a few blog posts about lunches I’ve made in the same container and how they’ve changed from when I started. 
First up is the Boon Trunk; it one of the first bento boxes I ever bought. It is very versatile and can have silicone cups added to make more compartments and the lid still goes on perfectly. Here is the first ever boon trunk lunch I made, I only had a few picks and sandwich cutters at this point:


I slowly learnt how to pack in it and found it easier to each time:





Those were while he was in the last bit of kinder. Then here are some from this year when we had more bento tools to work with:


I don’t use the Boon Trunk as much as some other lunchboxes we have but it’s really fun and easy to work with. Hopefully this has shown you some different ideas of things you can pack in the Boon Trunk, the possibilities in Bento boxes really are endless! 

– Mel

Halloween and Car Lunches

Finally October has come around which means that all those cute halloween lunch ideas I’ve seen and thought of all year can be used! 

The Boon Trunk Snack Box was my lunchbox of choice today because it holds a lot more food and is a bit taller too. I had a lot of fun making this one and I think it came out really cute, Mr. Prep is going to love it! 


I’ve been waiting to do these cute Jack o lantern mandarins, it was so easy to add the face with a marker but it looks so effective!


I printed off these Free Halloween Lunch Box Notes and laminated them to include in his lunch:

With his Sandwich I used the funbites cutter and made little letter stacks, alphabet letters are such a cute addition and my son enjoys reading the words. The rest of his lunch was: Bat boiled egg, raisins in yellow tub, babybel cheese monster, bat carrots, Ham Rollups, corn on the cob, black grapes and dried apricots.


All packed up ready to go, I like to write on his banana as well because it gets peeled off and is such a large space to add words and pictures to make it fun.


Master 3’s lunch today is car themed, his favourite thing ever! I packed his in the boon cargo today. 

He has:

Car Boiled Egg, Ham Rollups,Grape  Tomatoes, carrot sticks, sugar snap peas, cucumber and a vege spread car sandwich. 

I’m excited to create more Halloween lunches and my son just loves it and has already asked if we can buy a pumpkin to carve all spooky. It’s not such a celebrated day in Australia but we always do a little something as it’s such a fun time for kids. 

– Mel