Frog Lunch

Today’s lunch is packed in the Boon Cargo. I always use this box when I want more space as it fits so much more food than the yumbox or bentgo, although it’s not leakproof and the lid can be a little tricky for some it was one of the first bento boxes we got and I’m still using it a year on. It is for sure one of my favourites. 

Anyway today’s lunch is a frog theme! My sons favorite colour is green and frogs are one of his favorite animals (maybe because they are green haha) so I think he will be very happy when he opens it at lunchtime today. 

In the top section he has star carrots, polka dot corn, salami sticks and strawberries down the side. 

Aplple slices with some alpha letters and some grapes for more green. 

My favorite part of the lunch, spinach wrap sandwiches. I used the cute z cute animal friends cutter and sliced cheese then put the cutoff of wrap underneath because my son will eat them and it means no wastage. I had the perfect lunch box note but forgot to pop it in, next time! 

– Mel