Pirate Boat Lunch

Happy Friday! Lunch today is packed in the Fuel Bento. 

We got some really cool 5 flavour cheese from a specialty delicatessen the other day, my son is a cheese fan and we don’t have colby jack in Australia so this is the next best thing! 

I used a dolphin cutter but I think next time I’ll use a slightly larger slice. He also has a cavendish banana, pita pocket and salami stick in first half of lunch. When I went to add the tuna this morning to the pocket he said he didn’t want it so with a quick redo this is now the first half of lunch with a tuna corn and mayo wrap instead: 

The dolphins didn’t survive! 

The second half of lunch is apple boats, yoghurt covered sultanas, honey yoghurt with protein and chia, carrot and peas. 


– Mel


Skeleton Halloween Lunch

Wednesday School Halloween lunch is a spooky skeleton and pumpkins theme. Lunch is packed in the Fuel Bento today, I find I can fit a fair amount of food in this box and it’s a bit taller than others so can handle things like corn easily.

I went food shopping yesterday on the hunt for the new Cheddar Babybel cheeses that have just come out in Australia, which is really exciting because we only ever had the normal red ones! The flavour of the cheddar is much preferred by my son and it matches so cute with the halloween theme. I used a Fred Brand gingerdead men cutter on his sandwich which is Rye bread with coco2 spread. I sliced chicken into strips and made a pinwheel kabob using one of the picks from the Lindt chocolates we got a few weeks ago. Plus a few pieces of treat natural popcorn.

The second half of lunch has the awesome new polka dot corn cob I found at the supermarket yesterday which my son is so excited about, he loves corn raw so it’s easy to pack in his lunch. I sliced carrot lengthways and used a Bone cookie cutter to keep with the skeleton theme. The food rings and Happy Β Halloween pick are a great addition too. Sliced strawberries and grapes with bone picks and a Jack O lantern mandarin complete this spooky lunch.


I only have 2 more to go before halloween, I’ve had so much fun making these as I’m a bit of a spooky horror freak so being able to use all the spooky items has been really cool!

– Mel

Lunchbox Series – Fuel Bento

The third instalment of the lunchbox series will be focusing on the Fuel Bento. 

This lunchbox was actually purchased to use for me! I think I got to use it twice before my son claimed it, Well I kind of went along with it because sometimes I struggle to pack his lunch in the yumbox or others because they just aren’t big enough for what I was wanting.


Fuel Bento, Bentgo Kids and Yumbox Original

As you can see there is much bigger space to work with in the Fuel, it is also a bit deeper as well so packing taller things like corn on the cob is no trouble. 

It has two separate containers inside and they can be taken out and microwaved if you so desire. I haven’t used this function for it myself though. I wouldn’t call it leakproof at all but it does seal well. I like the compartments inside, they help with being able to pack sweet and savoury and not having to worry about things touching. The larger half is great for packing a salad or sandwiches because it’s a big space. 

When packing for my son I often use silicone cups to divide it up to fit in even more food. It’s a very versatile lunchbox. 

Durability is probably the only downfall apart from not being leakproof. I have seen a lot of peoples kids drop theirs and it has broken quite easily. (Falling on cement) We havnt had any trouble with ours but my son isn’t very rough either and it’s always packed in an insulated lunch bag. I don’t think it’s a very cute looking lunchbox but it’s functionality makes up for that. 

I’d say this would be excellent for a teen or adult, you can pack an array of things and only need the one box. Plus the durability wouldn’t be an issue then because most of us know well enough by then how to take care of our things!

I use the Fuel Bento on average once a week. There isn’t really any other lunchbox (that we have or like) that is the same size or has compartments like this. We will keep using it until I find something similar sized that is leakproof and more durable, but it is a great sometimes lunchbox and the price point is good too.

Here are some lunches I’ve prepared in it, it is very versatile and even though the outside may not look like a kids box what I put inside certainly does. 

The Fuel Definitely has a place in my Kitchen and I’ve been able to make lunches in this that wouldn’t be possible in other boxes. If you are wanting a cheaper alternative with some extra space and the person you’re packing lunch for is responsible enough not to drop it this would be a great option.

– Mel

Vampire Halloween Lunch

It’s Friday here today so the last school lunch of the week. Today I went with a vampire theme as I havnt done that yet and picked up these cute plastic fangs cheap. Lunch is packed in the Fuel Bento.

The lunch is mainly red and black which ties it together without everything being “Halloween”. For his sandwich I just placed some eye picks and vampire teeth to be Dracula and some foodoodler accents. Bat moulded egg and bat cheese with salami sticks complete the first half of lunch. 


For the second half of lunch he has carrot stars, apple with teeth, grapes and strawberries. Plus another of the cute Halloween Lunch Box Jokes from artsyfartsymama.


Happy end of the week, Stay tuned for more spooky lunches next week as we approach Halloween!

– Mel


I thought it was about time to make it official and start a Blog to coincide with the Healthy Kids Bento Facebook page where I share our creations daily.
We are currently on school holidays so with the tiny shred of time I have up my sleeve between the “Muuuuuum”s and demands of having kids at home, here it is! I look forward to sharing my lunchbox and food creations with you all along with various craft and life adventures.

Let the fun begin! – Mel

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