Boon Trunk – Lunchbox Series

I’m going to do a few blog posts about lunches I’ve made in the same container and how they’ve changed from when I started. 
First up is the Boon Trunk; it one of the first bento boxes I ever bought. It is very versatile and can have silicone cups added to make more compartments and the lid still goes on perfectly. Here is the first ever boon trunk lunch I made, I only had a few picks and sandwich cutters at this point:


I slowly learnt how to pack in it and found it easier to each time:





Those were while he was in the last bit of kinder. Then here are some from this year when we had more bento tools to work with:


I don’t use the Boon Trunk as much as some other lunchboxes we have but it’s really fun and easy to work with. Hopefully this has shown you some different ideas of things you can pack in the Boon Trunk, the possibilities in Bento boxes really are endless! 

– Mel