School Excursion Lunch

Today my Prep boy is off for an excursion. We were instructed to pack a litter free lunch, now this to us is no big deal because our lunches are always litter free. (The odd banana skin or babybel wax is about it) Number one for the environment, but also for saving money. How many sandwich baggies would be needed even just for 1 child! as opposed to a sandwich container or as we like to use a sectioned lunchbox. Saves you money in the long run, easier for kids as there’s nothing to try and open or need help opening plus it teaches them that we can reduce, reuse and recycle. Old containers can be recycled after their many years of use.

 I read once in a Tupperware catalogue that just by using cling film for their sandwich will use 2,000 metres per year! Or one sandwich container that can be recycled at the end of it’s use. Anyway just something to think about because I heard a lot of parents complaining about needing to pack litter free. 
Now onto the lunch! Today I packed it in his yumbox panino. I made a special “bus” sandwich because they are taking a bus to the excursion so I know he will love that. He also has grapes, shredded ham, sugar snap peas, crackers, cacao chia ball, corn on the cob, carrot trees, dried apricots and a boiled egg.

I cut out little squares in the cheese and popped some cute animal picks in so they are riding the bus! My son also loves reading so I added the word Bus. 

The chia and cacao balls are still going which is a nice addition of protein for all the bush walking they will be doing today!

I’ve also packed 100% real juice in his popper and a banana yoghurt in the little mashies. I also added another lunch note from these Free Printables, he’s been loving the little notes.

All packed and ready to go! I hope this post has helped with a few tips on packing litter free lunches and how we use our reusable items. Is your school litter free? Or are you thinking about making the change to litter free lunches even though the school isn’t? It’s much easier than you’d think. If you have any questions feel free to ask. 

– Mel