Bear Hunt and Farm Animal Go Green Lunches

  Today’s Lunches are both packed in the Go Green Lunchbox, for my Kinder son I’ve made a Bear Hunt theme because they’ve been discussing this at kinder and he was reciting the story as he fell asleep do I thought it was only fitting to bring that into his Lunchbox: 

He has Bear ham sandwiches, Strawberry Hearts, Cucumber and Cherry Tomatoes, Bear shaped Apple slices, Bear boiled Egg and Homemade Choc Yoghurt in the My Squueze Pouch.

For my Grade 1 boy I’ve packed a Farm Animal theme:


Apple Slices, Cheese Stick, Ham Pig Sandwich, Organic Farm Biscuits, Raspberries, Carrots, Corn Cob, Chicken Egg and Homemade Choc Yoghurt in Reusable My Squeeze Pouch


I picked up these cute Organic animal farm biscuits in the baby food aisle of my supermarket, they were a perfect addition to this lunch.


For his boiled egg i cut some carrot and poked it into the egg and added an eye pick, very quick and easy but very cute.


– Mel


Go Green and MySqueeze Lunch Additions plus First Lunches

For the past 2 days my boys have requested lunch in their new Go Green Lunchboxes. I recently went to the baby expo and picked up these along with the MySqueeze Reusable silicone pouch which work perfectly together.

The long cavity where the drink bottle comes in the go green is the perfect size for the My Squeeze pouch, a handy tip I got from the creator of MySqueeze! I’m loving both of these products and so are my boys. 

Available from Trendy Lil Treats

I always thought the Go Green was too big having only seen pictures but if you factor that the large long cavity will hold the pouch or drink bottle the other 4 cavity spaces are perfect for main, veg, fruit and dairy or carbs. It’s so easy to pack lunch when everything has a space.

The go green has quite large cavities but you don’t have to fill to the brim to fit a decent amount of food in and it’s so easy to pack things like a whole apple or corn cob; something I struggle to fit in all other boxes. 

As for the MySqueeze Pouch it is just Awesome as well. It’s not baby looking so it’s great for my Kinder and Year 1 Boys, the colours are great, the lids are interchangeable so we can mix up the colour combinations and they are extremely durable and well made. The silicone is great for the kids to use and the top makes it easy to open.

Available from MySqueeze

They are also freestanding which is great for filling and while in use. 

Without further ado here are our first lunches using this combo with many more to come: 


Hawaiian Pizza, Apple Slices, Grapes, Carrots and Baby Corn, Babybel, Salami Stick and Organic Vanilla Yoghurt


Wholemeal Ham Roll, Babybel, Cucumber Slices, Cherry Tomatoes, Grapes, Blueberries, Organic Animal Crackers and Vanilla and Strawberry Yoghurt


Coco2 Wholemeal Sandwich, Crackers and Cheese, Watermelon, Corn Cob, Carrot Flowers, Slinky Apple and Apple and Banana Smoothie


Ham and Cheese Pita Pockets, Cucumbers, Cherry Tomatoes, Blueberries, Raspberrues, Strawberries, Mini Rice Cakes and Apple Banana and Mango Smoothie


First Day of Kindergarten Lunch

My youngest is off to kinder today! This year there is something different to think of when I’m packing his lunch: I don’t need to pack it in an insulated bag because their lunches are stored in a fridge! 

I’ve never had this before, my eldest sons kinder had no fridges and neither does his school so it’s a little bit exciting and especially for my little one because he loves cold food ๐Ÿ˜Š this also saves the struggle of finding lunchbags to fit the boxes we use. 

They have the same as my eldest sons school: fruit break at 10am packed separately so I used this cute  double decker box and packed some of his favourite fruits: blackberries, strawberries and apple slices:

For his main lunch I have used the nude food movers Envirobox until I decide which one suits his kinder appetite best. I packed 1 and a half boiled eggs, cucumber sticks, roast chicken wholemeal roll, banana, babybel cheddar, yoghurt pouch, and sugar snap peas:

Once he gets home I will see what he ate and go from there as to what I pack next time. It’s all trial and error in the beginning so I stuck with foods he loves and eats at home I just need to get the amounts right because he is a big eater so may need more! 

Happy start of the year everyone, 

– Mel

Lunchbox Series – Fuel Bento

The third instalment of the lunchbox series will be focusing on the Fuel Bento. 

This lunchbox was actually purchased to use for me! I think I got to use it twice before my son claimed it, Well I kind of went along with it because sometimes I struggle to pack his lunch in the yumbox or others because they just aren’t big enough for what I was wanting.


Fuel Bento, Bentgo Kids and Yumbox Original

As you can see there is much bigger space to work with in the Fuel, it is also a bit deeper as well so packing taller things like corn on the cob is no trouble. 

It has two separate containers inside and they can be taken out and microwaved if you so desire. I haven’t used this function for it myself though. I wouldn’t call it leakproof at all but it does seal well. I like the compartments inside, they help with being able to pack sweet and savoury and not having to worry about things touching. The larger half is great for packing a salad or sandwiches because it’s a big space. 

When packing for my son I often use silicone cups to divide it up to fit in even more food. It’s a very versatile lunchbox. 

Durability is probably the only downfall apart from not being leakproof. I have seen a lot of peoples kids drop theirs and it has broken quite easily. (Falling on cement) We havnt had any trouble with ours but my son isn’t very rough either and it’s always packed in an insulated lunch bag. I don’t think it’s a very cute looking lunchbox but it’s functionality makes up for that. 

I’d say this would be excellent for a teen or adult, you can pack an array of things and only need the one box. Plus the durability wouldn’t be an issue then because most of us know well enough by then how to take care of our things!

I use the Fuel Bento on average once a week. There isn’t really any other lunchbox (that we have or like) that is the same size or has compartments like this. We will keep using it until I find something similar sized that is leakproof and more durable, but it is a great sometimes lunchbox and the price point is good too.

Here are some lunches I’ve prepared in it, it is very versatile and even though the outside may not look like a kids box what I put inside certainly does. 

The Fuel Definitely has a place in my Kitchen and I’ve been able to make lunches in this that wouldn’t be possible in other boxes. If you are wanting a cheaper alternative with some extra space and the person you’re packing lunch for is responsible enough not to drop it this would be a great option.

– Mel

Lunchbox Ideas Printable List

Today I have something really cool for you: A Printable Lunchbox Ideas List!

I have put together a list and made it cute for you to print and pop on the fridge or wall. Its filled with Kid friendly foods that are healthy to fuel their little bodies at school.

It may not fit everyone’s criteria for eating but it’s just a guide of what I pack for my sons all in one spot! We aim for real whole foods and lasting energy plus healthy benefits.

I hope you can get some ideas from it too so that in the morning or night, whenever you pack lunch and you’re thinking what can I pack? This list will give you some help.

Healthy Kids Bento - Lunchbox Ideas

Healthy Kids Bento – Lunchbox Ideas List Free Download


  • Mel

Ghost Halloween Bento

Another spooky Halloween Lunch for my boy today, this time it’s a “Ghostly” one!

Lunch today is packed in the Boon Trunk. The other day I found this cute ghost cutter in a baking pack we’ve had for a while now and knew it would be a perfect addition for our halloween lunches. I used it on the sandwich and cheese.

The adorable Halloween Lunch box joke comes in a set and is available for free downloadย Hereย from artsyfartsymama.

Apple slices are one of the first things that gets eaten from my sons lunch each day, I am always asked how I stop my apples from browning and I’m going to let you in on the big secret…NOTHING! The only thing I do is always keep the slices together like this so if there’s any trick that’s it! My son is super fussy and his apple is always eaten so I must be doing something right.

The rest of his lunch was star carrots, salami stick, grapes, ghost cheese slices, babybel cheese and a big fail “Marbled” egg, Next time I will leave it in longer.

Do you ever have lunch flops, Things you wanted to go to plan but just didn’t? This just goes to show that I do too ๐Ÿ˜Š all in all it came together well and I’m loving making halloween lunches for my son.

– Mel

DIY Lunchbox Notes

Today I’m making up a heap of laminated lunchbox notes for my sons lunches. 

I went onto Pinterest and found a heap of free Printables: 

Lunchbox love notes – Printable Lunch Box Notes – Disney Lunch Box Notes – Lunchbox Fruit Jokes – Printable Lunch Notes – Lunch Box Notes – Add your own text Lunch Box Notes 
I downloaded and printed them off. Once cut out I place them in the laminating sheets with space between so the edges get sealed. This means I can wash them if they get funky from food! 


So pretty once laminated! 

Cut them out and you’re ready to roll!

– Mel

Wednesday Bentgo Lunch

Today I packed my sons lunch in his green Bentgo Kids. I went with a happy fruit theme.

I used the cute fruits baran and little forks to give it some character, plus our favourite eyes in his protein ball. 

I cut his carrots into little apples using a mini cutter, so much better than plain carrots apparently!

I put one of the mini forks in his egg , he loves when I add a fork for egg.

Banana for fuit break again, I write on them with a nikko (permanent texta) so quick and effective.

All packed up and ready to go in the PackIt cooler bag again, the first thing my son has allowed me to use to cool his lunch! Thank goodness as well because it’s coming into summer and he will not let me use ice bricks. 

– Mel

Boon Trunk – Lunchbox Series

I’m going to do a few blog posts about lunches I’ve made in the same container and how they’ve changed from when I started. 
First up is the Boon Trunk; it one of the first bento boxes I ever bought. It is very versatile and can have silicone cups added to make more compartments and the lid still goes on perfectly. Here is the first ever boon trunk lunch I made, I only had a few picks and sandwich cutters at this point:


I slowly learnt how to pack in it and found it easier to each time:





Those were while he was in the last bit of kinder. Then here are some from this year when we had more bento tools to work with:


I don’t use the Boon Trunk as much as some other lunchboxes we have but it’s really fun and easy to work with. Hopefully this has shown you some different ideas of things you can pack in the Boon Trunk, the possibilities in Bento boxes really are endless! 

– Mel

First Day Back Lunches

imageTerm 4 has begun! Today I packed my 6 year old prep boys lunch in the Bentgo Kids.

He has: Meatballs leftover from dinner, Grapes, Carrot sticks, apple slices, dried apricots, crackers and cheese and a Thomas boiled egg.


Fruit break consisted of banana, orange and a cacao ball.


Last night we made the chia and cacao balls and my son helped out with the rolling of the coconut. I always think getting them to help is great as they love to be involved in the making of their food, he polished off 2 before bed!


Another cute thing I made up in the holidays were little lunchbox note cards. I used theseย Free Printablesย then laminated and cut them out.

Not to forget my 3 year old and his home lunch today:


Mr. 3 has Tomatoes, Grapes, sugar snap peas, meatballs, almonds, cucumber and Ham Rollies packed in his Bentgo as well. He will eat more than this today but loves when I make him lunch too.

I can’t believe school is back already, the holidays went so quick! What did you pack today?

  • Mel