Yonanas – Healthy all Fruit Soft-Serve

We have gone YONANAS!!

I saw these awesome machines last year but they were a bit pricey. I recently saw them on sale so thought why not it seems really great but I didn’t know if it would work as easy as the box says, I’m here to tell you it does!

The kids were begging me to make some Ice creams because the weather is warming up and I don’t like to give them Store-Bought Icy poles. We usually make our own frozen yoghurts but this morning I thought we would try out our new contraption.


I had peeled and frozen ripe bananas a few days before ready and grabbed some frozen raspberries and strawberries for a nice colour and yummy taste. We were ready to rumble.


I placed the fruit in alternatedย because I wanted it mixed nice and even, It’s very loud but I was instantly impressed with the “soft-serve” that was coming out!

The texture of this was really good and it mixes the fruit perfectly with no lumps.


The kids were so excited and saying yummy straight away they couldn’t wait to try it. We put some in these cute ice pop makers and rationed the rest between them and it was gobbled up instantly.


It is perfectly mixed and smooth, much better than any food processor or blender fruit I’ve tried before. A great healthy summer treat for the kids and so easy to make,ย I can see us using this a lot in the next few months, it will also be great for making smoothie bowls for myself.


Very impressed with the final result, YUM!

  • Mel