Tuesday Go Green Lunches

Lately I have been tired, worn out and feeling like I haven’t been enjoying making lunches as much, it’s in part because my ASD son has decided he won’t eat even more things and partly because I’ve just been too tired to think of things to do. 

On the weekend I went through my Bento Box Pinterest board and created all new boards with proper headings and re pinned everything so it’s organised and easy to find. Today I felt re-inspired to put the extra touch in the lunchbox and I’m pretty happy with the results 😊

My youngest son, Kinder boy requested a car sandwich and egg so I was excited to do a traffic light and car theme for him:

I started with the celery traffic lights: I filled celery stalks with corn relish then added red and orange cherry tomatoes and cucumber. Ham sandwich using LunchPunch cutter, traffic light salad: strawberries, Grape Tomatoes and Baby Cucumber, for the Apple slices I used a green apple then the orange side and red side of a royal gala apple. Boiled egg made using car mould, and finally a Ladyfinger Banana. I added some road sign cupcake toppers and the lunch was done. My car mad boy is going to be one happy kid at lunchtime!

For my eldest son, Grade 1 Boy, I went with Under the Sea theme.

I included something I normally wouldn’t and that’s the sprinkles on top of the yoghurt, my son has been refusing more foods lately so I’m trying to get him eating yoghurt again and thought this might help. Making things visually appealing is the main way to get through to him, he is the whole reason I started making bento lunches! 

His lunch has octopus and whale coco2 sandwich, Grapes, Peas, Corn Cob, boiled egg moulded into a fish, carrot “anemone” and Apple Seaweed, Vanilla Yoghurt with polka dot Sprinkles and a Banana. 

– Mel 


Latest Planetbox Lunches


Boiled Egg, Sugar Snap Peas, raspberries, salami sticks, grapes, flower carrots, coco2 caterpillar sandwich with foodoodler accent


Peas, Carrot, Apple Slices, Raspberries, Rice Crackers, Coco2 Sandwich with 2 by 2 Animal Picks and Salami Sticks


Baby Carrots, Apple, Bagel Crisps, Cheddar Babybel, Roast Chicken, Peas, Strawberries and Blackberries


Peas, Baby Carrots, Banana, OJ Gelatin Gummy, Raspberries, Strawberries and Hawaiian Pizza Bun


Peas, Raspberries, Banana, Cheddar Babybel, Baby Carrots, Grapes and coco2 Robot Sandwich


Peas, Carrot, Inside out Cheese Sandwiches, Salami Stick, Strawberries, Banana, Apple Slices.


Raspberries, Pretzel Sticks, Roast Chicken, Baby Corn, Apricot Yoghurt Balls, Baby Carrots, Grapes, Coco2 Web Sandwich with Grape Spider and Spiderman Babybel


Week 8 & 9 Lunches

We’ve been super busy in the lead up to Christmas with heaps of appointments for my son so I haven’t had much chance to blog. 

Here is a lunch roundup of the past couple of weeks! 

Thursday  Lunch:  

Packed in the Planetbox: corn on cob, apple slinky, yoghurt covered sultanas, grapes, strawberries, carrot sticks, peas, babybel cheese, popcorn and chicken wraps.

Friday Lunch:

Peas, cheese stick, fruit leather, strawberries, apricot, cacao and date balls, popcorn and roast chicken.

Monday Lunch:

Spiderman theme planetbox: peas, strawberries, apple slices, grapes, cheese, boiled egg, silverside sandwich and sugar snap peas.

Tuesday Lunch:

First Christmas lunch of the year! Peas, cheese stars, green and red apple slices, yoghurt covered sultanas, carrot stars, grapes and coco2 sandwich.

Wednesday Lunch:

Second Christmas Lunch: apple slices, cherry and apple fruit leather, blackberries, yoghurt covered goji berries, corn on cob, twiggy stick, babybel cheese and coco2 Christmas tree sandwiches plus a baby banana. 

How are you going in the lead up to Christmas? School is almost finished here, the end is in sight!

– Mel

Space Planetbox Lunch

Themed lunches entice my son much more and yesterday was a success so I’ll get back into it! We received our order from Biome yesterday which had the planetbox pods and two more magnet sets: Dinosaur and Rockets. When we purchased the planetbox the store didn’t have these Magnet sets in or the pods, so I quickly went online and grabbed them, they are a great addition to the Planetbox. 

I decided to use the Rocket magnets and do a Space theme. 


I picked up the moon silicone cup from a 2.80 Japanese store on the weekend and thought it would be perfect for a space lunch. The planetbox also fits my favourite star long picks along the back compartment, they don’t fit in many of our other lunchboxes. I used those for Grape Kabobs, sliced chicken breast Rollups, carrot stars, and cacao and date mini balls.

The other half of lunch has Trio Cheese Stars in pod, Polkadot Corn Cob, cucumber in the mini pod and a small apple. 

My son is very excited for this one, he loves space and he loves his Planetbox! 

– Mel

Stegosaurus Bentgo Lunch

Monday is here again and what better way to start the week than with a Dinosaur lunch. I decided to go with a stegosaurus theme in the Bentgo today.

The first half of lunch is a spinach wrap sandwich, I used a dinosaur cutter with layers of chicken breast. Surrounding is salami stick slices and halved sugar snap peas.

The second half of lunch has yoghurt covered sultanas, babybel cheese with dino foot cut out, dino footprint shaped carrots, peas, marbled boiled egg, watermelon apple yoghurt with chopped grapes. 

I hope your week is off to a good start.

– Mel

Pirate Boat Lunch

Happy Friday! Lunch today is packed in the Fuel Bento. 

We got some really cool 5 flavour cheese from a specialty delicatessen the other day, my son is a cheese fan and we don’t have colby jack in Australia so this is the next best thing! 

I used a dolphin cutter but I think next time I’ll use a slightly larger slice. He also has a cavendish banana, pita pocket and salami stick in first half of lunch. When I went to add the tuna this morning to the pocket he said he didn’t want it so with a quick redo this is now the first half of lunch with a tuna corn and mayo wrap instead: 

The dolphins didn’t survive! 

The second half of lunch is apple boats, yoghurt covered sultanas, honey yoghurt with protein and chia, carrot and peas. 


– Mel

Minion Lunch + Printable Link

It’s Minion Madness in my boys Yumbox today! The Yellow Ananas Yumbox was a perfect match for the minion theme.

I had seen these free printables a while back and knew they would be perfect for a minion lunch:

Wrapper plus other minion printables

Banana Minion Outfit

Isn’t the banana gorgeous! The link said to use glue but I just used blu-Tac and it worked great.

This half of lunch has roast chicken pita wrapped in a minion, apple slices, carrot and salami mini sticks and MINION cheese cutout. I find the top large section perfect for writing a word in food.

The second half of lunch has corn off the cob, organic popcorn and yoghurt covered sultanas we picked up at a local deli yesterday my son was so excited for something new in his lunchbox! The eyes in the corn are from a minion toy my youngest broke and I thought they’d be such a cute addition.

Thursday at our school is tuckshop day and they don’t have many healthy options and of those couple of things (fruit salad cup, boiled egg and salami stick) I can make that at home. So while the other kids are chowing down on their tuckshop my son will have his cool minion lunch! He never feels like he is missing out and has never asked for tuckshop because he knows it’s not healthy food we eat.

This lunch was very simple but the printables make it awesome. I printed them and cut them out ready during the day so that it was quick when it came time to make lunch.

– Mel

Frog Lunch

Today’s lunch is packed in the Boon Cargo. I always use this box when I want more space as it fits so much more food than the yumbox or bentgo, although it’s not leakproof and the lid can be a little tricky for some it was one of the first bento boxes we got and I’m still using it a year on. It is for sure one of my favourites. 

Anyway today’s lunch is a frog theme! My sons favorite colour is green and frogs are one of his favorite animals (maybe because they are green haha) so I think he will be very happy when he opens it at lunchtime today. 

In the top section he has star carrots, polka dot corn, salami sticks and strawberries down the side. 

Aplple slices with some alpha letters and some grapes for more green. 

My favorite part of the lunch, spinach wrap sandwiches. I used the cute z cute animal friends cutter and sliced cheese then put the cutoff of wrap underneath because my son will eat them and it means no wastage. I had the perfect lunch box note but forgot to pop it in, next time! 

– Mel

Car Themed Bentgo Lunch

November has arrived! Halloween is done and dusted and it’s a new week. For today’s Monday lunch I went with a quick car theme in the Bentgo Kids box. 

We have polka dot corn (my sons new favorite thing) along with car carrots and cheddar babybel. 

I finally used the Car cutter from the transport set Ive wanted ever since I got into bento. I ended up having to get it from America and even then it’s a hard set to get hold of. But finally it’s in our collection! I used the car on the sandwiches and they fit perfectly in the top section of the bentgo. Aren’t they cute?!

I used the car shaped egg mould and discovered it is the perfect fit for the car silicone cups we have. Another thing my son is going to love in this lunch is the apple and grape cars. I saw these on Pinterest ages ago and always wanted to do them, I thought they’d go great with this lunch and they were easy too. He has the rest of the apple in a small container for fruit break. 

The end of the year is coming around so quick, it’s getting towards that time to think of Christmas. I don’t know about you but I’m so not organised or ready so I know it will become stressful soon. On the bright side it means Christmas lunches, Yay! 

– Mel

Spooky Eyes Halloween Bento

Thursday Lunch is a spooky eyeball theme packed in the yumbox panino. 

A while ago I saw a blog post on Eats Amazing for the Eyeball Sandwich Tutorial and knew it would be perfect for Halloween Lunches. 

They turned out awesome! Not difficult either. I decided to make it into a scary face so added strawberries for the cheeks, a carrot nose, grape face and apple slices with vampire teeth for the mouth. 

My third attempt at the marbled egg was a success, you need to leave it soak in the water for over an hour, left longer the colour would have been even more vibrant. The other eyeball is a babybel cheese with a grape slice pupil and foodoodler veins. I also added peas with an eye pick, sugar snap peas and a salami stick and a black Happy Halloween pick to complete it. 

Now to think of what to do for tomorrow’s lunch! 

– Mel