Batman Planetbox Lunch

Today’s lunch is packed in the Planetbox. I went with a Batman theme to try and encourage my son to eat as the plainer lunches weren’t working as well as I’d hoped. Fussy periods in my child’s eating become very frustrating because when he doesn’t eat well his behaviour can worsen and he finds it hard to concentrate. Back to themed lunch to hopefully entice him to gobble it all up and have a good day at school! 

Today’s Batman Lunch has yoghurt coved sultanas in the mini dipper, salami stick, roast chicken slices with cheese “Batman”, dried apricot treat, bat carrots, peas, black grapes, polkadot corn on cob, slinky apple and popcorn. There’s a little bit of all his favourite things and all current foods he will eat so I’m really hoping this one comes home empty. 

I used the Lego Batman Magnet Set from Max & Otis that I purchased and made yesterday. I finished this set with a clear sealer spray and it worked much better than the Modpodge, they came up perfect. 

– Mel