11653468_1002337366485934_1003775059_nMum to Two boisterous boys, one on the spectrum. We have constantly dealt with the battle that is FOOD! In my efforts to raise happy healthy kids I strive to provide nutritious lunches and food that is also fun, enticing them to actually eat and love wholesome food. While searching one day to find ways of presenting said food to my children I stumbled across a word that at the time was foreign to me: Bento.

There, the can of worms was opened! I was thrown into a new way of looking at and presenting food to my children all the while keeping up with my son’s fussy eating habits (no food touching, certain colours and textures only and his limited variety of acceptable foods) It was then that I completely changed the way I offered their food and taught myself how to “Bento”. I have never looked back and my kids have never eaten healthier.

Each day I am now excited about preparing their food and making it fun and interesting to keep things exciting and new whilst nourishing their little bodies with wholesome and healthy food. I get to let my creativity run free all the while setting up Healthy eating habits for my two boys.

I hope to give inspiration to anyone out there who is struggling to get their kids to eat healthy food and to inspire new ideas for Bento Lovers.

  • Mel

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