Tuesday Planetbox Lunch

Today’s lunch is a quick one, some no sandwich inspiration for you in the planetbox!


For my sons main today he has roast chicken in the Big Dipper and peas in the square compartment. 

One of his favourite things is carrot shaped carrots so I added some of those and some grapes. 

Plus corn on the cob, apple and cherry fruit leather, yoghurt covered sultanas, small Granny Smith apple and some strawberries.

You can tell it’s getting to the end of the year, I thought today was Wednesday! My kids are getting so excited for Christmas and the end of school. Are you prepared? We’ve only just started getting organised but it feels better to have started. 

– Mel


Monday Planetbox Lunch

There’s only 3 weeks of school left now, the countdown to Christmas Holidays is on! The weather has turned already and the days are getting hotter so I’ve packed a nice cold lunch for a hot day in the Planetbox.

One of my sons favorite Hot weather foods is watermelon and he always eats it all when I pack it. He also has peas, grapes and strawberries in this half of Lunch: 

The other half of lunch has chicken and carrot pinwheel Barley Wraps, cheese stick, cacao and date mini balls, passion fruit and mango leather and corn on the cob: 

Happy Monday Everyone!

– Mel

Friday Fun Planetbox

It’s the end of the week, yay! It’s been a rough one here so I’m glad there’s no school tomorrow. 

Friday’s Lunch is packed in the Planetbox, today is usually the hardest day for my son at school. He’s very worn out from the week so I decided to make a snack type lunch for him that’s easy to eat and small portions for when his attention is elsewhere. 

The first half of lunch is a boiled egg, carrot stars, watermelon balls and grapes. 


The second half of lunch is trio cheese stars, apple slices, Cacao and Date mini balls, twiggy stick and corn on the cob. 

The planetbox pods are so fun to work with and make all of his lunch “not touching” so it fits master Preps food requirements! We hope you have a happy weekend. 

– Mel

Space Planetbox Lunch

Themed lunches entice my son much more and yesterday was a success so I’ll get back into it! We received our order from Biome yesterday which had the planetbox pods and two more magnet sets: Dinosaur and Rockets. When we purchased the planetbox the store didn’t have these Magnet sets in or the pods, so I quickly went online and grabbed them, they are a great addition to the Planetbox. 

I decided to use the Rocket magnets and do a Space theme. 


I picked up the moon silicone cup from a 2.80 Japanese store on the weekend and thought it would be perfect for a space lunch. The planetbox also fits my favourite star long picks along the back compartment, they don’t fit in many of our other lunchboxes. I used those for Grape Kabobs, sliced chicken breast Rollups, carrot stars, and cacao and date mini balls.

The other half of lunch has Trio Cheese Stars in pod, Polkadot Corn Cob, cucumber in the mini pod and a small apple. 

My son is very excited for this one, he loves space and he loves his Planetbox! 

– Mel

Batman Planetbox Lunch

Today’s lunch is packed in the Planetbox. I went with a Batman theme to try and encourage my son to eat as the plainer lunches weren’t working as well as I’d hoped. Fussy periods in my child’s eating become very frustrating because when he doesn’t eat well his behaviour can worsen and he finds it hard to concentrate. Back to themed lunch to hopefully entice him to gobble it all up and have a good day at school! 

Today’s Batman Lunch has yoghurt coved sultanas in the mini dipper, salami stick, roast chicken slices with cheese “Batman”, dried apricot treat, bat carrots, peas, black grapes, polkadot corn on cob, slinky apple and popcorn. There’s a little bit of all his favourite things and all current foods he will eat so I’m really hoping this one comes home empty. 

I used the Lego Batman Magnet Set from Max & Otis that I purchased and made yesterday. I finished this set with a clear sealer spray and it worked much better than the Modpodge, they came up perfect. 

– Mel

Tuesday Planetbox Lunch

Today’s lunch is packed in the awesome Planetbox. I am loving this lunchbox! I went with a toned back lunch again as I try to get my son through this latest fussy phase.

He has polka for corn cob with ring picks to hold, apple slices, babybel cheddar cheese, strawberry, halved grapes, roast chicken and carrot wholemeal roll and yoghurt covered sultanas for a treat.

This lunch shows that you don’t have to pack heaps and the planetbox still looks great. I am really liking all the compartments they serve great purpose and make fitting in food so easy.

The magnets we used today were picked out by my son, he went with the lego superheroes that we purchased fromΒ Max & Otis. They are PDF Printable files which I printed onto magnetic paper, then I sealed them with Modpodge for longevity. They are a great addition to the Planetbox to make it fun and personalised while being easily interchangeable to suit his mood.

– Mel

First Planetbox Lunch and Review

Right from the start when I was researching healthy lunches and how to present food that my son would attempt to actually eat, I discovered Bento and all of the amazing lunchboxes that I had never seen or heard of before. 

The main ones I loved were the planetbox, yumbox and boon cargo. Now back when I had first discovered these I instantly loved the Planetbox but could not justify the price. I went with a yumbox, then subsequent other lunchboxes as time went on still not finding one I completely loved mainly due to their size and quality.

 My son has Autism and Major sensory issues so I always thought he would hate a stainless steel box but boy was I wrong! We went to Brisbane on the weekend and the only store that stock the planetbox in Australia is Biome Eco Stores.

They just happen to have a few stores in Brisbane so I thought I’ll take him in and let him see and touch it to see if he would like it. Well I’m here to tell you he was an instant fan! 

He loves the stainless steel and everything about it. Then we got to choosing the magnets and of course when he found the Train set he was so stoked, trains are his favorite thing in the world. The magnets completely transform the box and we can make it whatever theme we want which means with a quick swap of magnets it’s a whole new lunchbox.

The price may seem a lot at first but when you consider it comes with a 5 year guarantee, yep you read that right 5 years! Plus 1 year on the bag it’s got to be excellent quality and will last your child nearly all of their primary school years and beyond. It also comes with the lunchbag which is really awesome plus mini dipper and big round stainless steel container too it’s actually pretty good value. The bag is really good quality too and very well made. I can see it lasting a long time.

The big round container is designed to go inside the square cavity in the lunchbox or in the front pocket which is what I did: 

This is the lunch I made in the Planetbox, I can see this is going to be so good to work with already

He has yoghurt and strawberries in the mini dipper, boiled egg, apricot halves, grapes, yoghurt covered sultanas, apricot and coconut energy ball, Edam cheese slices, ham sandwich, sugar snap peas and carrot sticks plus lavosh and French onion dip. I made this last night and put in the fridge ready to go this morning. Here it is 12 hours on ready to go to school:

Now there’s really only one downside to the planetbox and that is not being leakproof, but that’s what the dippers are for because when the box is closed it seals the lids down so they won’t spill. 

Once I got the planetbox I went on to this awesome site and purchased some personalised magnets, we got the Star Wars set and the Lego heroes to begin with they are from Max and Otis – Printable Planetbox Rover Magnets. I love that the planetbox can be customised with magnets it’s an awesome feature that will keep it current for my child and fun. 

I’m so excited to use this Lunchbox and once I finally justified the price I think it will be a really good investment given that it will last many years, and they guarantee that which is great piece of mind. I purchased this Lunchbox set after much consideration and that it will fit my sons needs well, it may not be in everyone’s price range but I truly think it’s worth it. 

– Mel

Friday Lunch in Yumbox Original

After a massive day yesterday I didn’t get home until very late so lunch was a quick one again. I used the Yumbox Original to pack Friday’s Lunch.

This half has strawberries and grapes, veggie straws and roast chicken.

The second half has five counties cheese slices, apple slices and peas with carrot shaped carrots; my sons favorite shape for carrots. 

– Mel

Thursday Yumbox Lunch

Today’s lunch is packed in the Yumbox Panino as requested by my son yesterday. 

The first half of lunch is a roast chicken and carrot spinach wrap, Bagel Crisps and a strawberry.

The second half of lunch is twiggy sticks, Cheddar Babybel, Peas, halved grapes and Watermelon balls .

I have a massive day today with an autism workshop and appointments afterwards and was lacking much needed sleep, so this lunch only took 5 minutes. Still super cute though, you don’t have to spend long making lunches for them to be healthy and fun.

– Mel

Wednesday Bentgo Lunch

Another lunch of favourite foods today for my fussy boy packed in the Bentgo Kids Lunchbox.

No sandwich again today as I’m trying to get him back onto other foods too because he’s had a fussy turn. 

Today’s main is roast chicken, carrot sticks and corn on the cob.

The second half of lunch is watermelon and rockmelon balls, peas, strawberry and something new: Veggie Straws. I’m hoping this one comes home empty! 

Do you have any tips for fussy eaters? I’d love to hear your experiences too.

– Mel