Latest Yumbox and Bentgo Lunches

Roundup of the latest Lunches packed in the Yumbox and Bentgo Kids: 

Coco2 Sandwich, Corn Cob, Roast Chicken, Boiled Egg, Carrot Sticks and Sugar Snap Peas with Raspberries.


Coco2 Sandwich, Salami Stick, Carrot Sticks, Peas, Strawberries and Raspberries.


Coco2 Sandwich, Apple, Carrots, Boiled Egg, Blackberries, Babybel, Rice Crackers.


Taco Wraps, Baby Cucumber, Blueberries, Boiled Egg, Carrots and Cherry Tomatoes


Hawaiian Pizza Bun, Carrots, Apricots, Raspberries, Strawberry, Cheese and Salami


Bentgo Kids: Tuna Corn and Mayo Wrap, Cheese snd Salami Cubes, Dried Apricots, Baby Carrots, Peas, Raspberries and Strawberries


Bentgo Kids: Funbites Sandwich Kabobs, Peas, Cheddar Babybel, Yoghurt Covered Apricots, Roast Chicken, Grapes and Strawberries



Wednesday Bentgo Lunch

Another lunch of favourite foods today for my fussy boy packed in the Bentgo Kids Lunchbox.

No sandwich again today as I’m trying to get him back onto other foods too because he’s had a fussy turn. 

Today’s main is roast chicken, carrot sticks and corn on the cob.

The second half of lunch is watermelon and rockmelon balls, peas, strawberry and something new: Veggie Straws. I’m hoping this one comes home empty! 

Do you have any tips for fussy eaters? I’d love to hear your experiences too.

– Mel

Tuesday Bentgo Lunch

Today’s lunch is packed in the Bentgo Kids and has a little bit of all my sons current acceptable foods. 

I keep trying to introduce new things but he has not been very willing. Today is a toned back lunch with the focus on the food. 

The main of this lunch is roast chicken, yoghurt with strawberries, yoghurt covered sultanas, five counties cheese slices, banana chips and bagel chips. 

The fruit and veg part of lunch is carrot sticks, grape kabob and a big strawberry.

Let’s hope this one comes back empty! He’s had a fussy turn and won’t eat salami or twiggy sticks at the moment or his favorite sugar snap peas or even banana. I just hope he will accept them again soon as he has limited foods he will eat and it’s getting pretty frustrating because I worry he will get bored of the same foods everyday. 

– Mel

Stegosaurus Bentgo Lunch

Monday is here again and what better way to start the week than with a Dinosaur lunch. I decided to go with a stegosaurus theme in the Bentgo today.

The first half of lunch is a spinach wrap sandwich, I used a dinosaur cutter with layers of chicken breast. Surrounding is salami stick slices and halved sugar snap peas.

The second half of lunch has yoghurt covered sultanas, babybel cheese with dino foot cut out, dino footprint shaped carrots, peas, marbled boiled egg, watermelon apple yoghurt with chopped grapes. 

I hope your week is off to a good start.

– Mel

Car Themed Bentgo Lunch

November has arrived! Halloween is done and dusted and it’s a new week. For today’s Monday lunch I went with a quick car theme in the Bentgo Kids box. 

We have polka dot corn (my sons new favorite thing) along with car carrots and cheddar babybel. 

I finally used the Car cutter from the transport set Ive wanted ever since I got into bento. I ended up having to get it from America and even then it’s a hard set to get hold of. But finally it’s in our collection! I used the car on the sandwiches and they fit perfectly in the top section of the bentgo. Aren’t they cute?!

I used the car shaped egg mould and discovered it is the perfect fit for the car silicone cups we have. Another thing my son is going to love in this lunch is the apple and grape cars. I saw these on Pinterest ages ago and always wanted to do them, I thought they’d go great with this lunch and they were easy too. He has the rest of the apple in a small container for fruit break. 

The end of the year is coming around so quick, it’s getting towards that time to think of Christmas. I don’t know about you but I’m so not organised or ready so I know it will become stressful soon. On the bright side it means Christmas lunches, Yay! 

– Mel

Mummy Bentgo Halloween Lunch

Today’s lunch is packed in the Bentgo Kids. I went with a mummy theme today and I think it turned out really cute, my son is really going to love this one!

It matches so well with the green Bentgo Kids too, my sons favorite colour is green so he loves it when I pack lunch in this one.

With his egg I sliced it uneven and twisted each slice around so it looked like mummy wrapping, add some eyes and you have an instant mummy! I’m trying peas for the first time in his lunch today, they are one of his top foods so I’m hoping they get gobbled up. I just used frozen ones and they will be thawed by now so they’re ready to go.  I made cacao and date protein balls yesterday and it’s a recipe I haven’t tried before but they turned out well and my youngest has already proclaimed they are YUMMY! Let’s hope my eldest agrees.

Slinky apples are another of his top foods and I thought it would go perfect with the mummy theme, again just add eyes and instant mummy! I used one of our Happy Halloween Picks in his dried apricots to bring some colour through.

I added another of the super cute Free Halloween Lunch Box Jokes from artsyfartsymama.

And my favourite part of the lunch: his Mummy Wrap. It’s a ham, cheese and carrot wrap using a wrap band to hold it together and I trimmed the excess then sliced them to be the mummy wrapping. No wastage and my son will eat it all, add some eyes and the mummy is so so cute! Plus some carrot sticks and alpha letters and this lunch is done.

I really enjoyed making this one, some days the ideas just flow and I have to pick only a few to fit in the lunchbox but it has come together really well. It may just be one of my favourite lunches so far, and I’ve made ALOT of lunches so it’s exciting to still get that excitement for them. I let my creativity run free and it works perfectly for us because when his lunches are fun my son will easily eat them up and enjoy his healthy food. That’s a Mum win in my book.

What do you do to take the mundane out of packing lunches and get the kids eating healthy? I’d love to hear what works in your family too!

– Mel

Kindergarten Lunch

My youngest went to his kinder orientation day today. They needed to take some lunch so he was super excited! 

I packed his lunch in the bentgo kids box and managed to cover all bases: fruit, veg, carbs, protein and dairy. 

His lunch was: 

Car shaped carrots, cherry tomato and baby cucumber mini kabobs, plane shaped cheese slices, salami stick, vege spread funbites sandwich, grapes, strawberries and homemade strawberry yoghurt in his little mashie. 

My littlest is a much less fussy eater and is pretty happy with anything so I don’t need to do as much “presentation” in his lunches. I also try to use less picks for him because he has a habit of taking and playing with them so he’s really good at losing them! As he gets older I will make them more like his brothers. 

Do you have any little ones starting kinder or school next year? It’s going to be pretty exciting I think, my littlest gets a bit bored with just mummy at home so kinder will give him a break from me and a chance to learn and play without me there. Mummy’s heart is breaking just a little with how fast my boys are growing but it’s also such an exciting time. 

– Mel

Wednesday Bentgo Lunch

Today I packed my sons lunch in his green Bentgo Kids. I went with a happy fruit theme.

I used the cute fruits baran and little forks to give it some character, plus our favourite eyes in his protein ball. 

I cut his carrots into little apples using a mini cutter, so much better than plain carrots apparently!

I put one of the mini forks in his egg , he loves when I add a fork for egg.

Banana for fuit break again, I write on them with a nikko (permanent texta) so quick and effective.

All packed up and ready to go in the PackIt cooler bag again, the first thing my son has allowed me to use to cool his lunch! Thank goodness as well because it’s coming into summer and he will not let me use ice bricks. 

– Mel

Fun Friday Lunch

In my sons class each week his teacher makes Friday “Fun Friday”. They have an obstacle course and outside play in the morning plus painting and other fun things throughout the day alongside their learning. It’s always the one he looks forward to, I think knowing he gets the weekend the day after helps too! 

I usually try to make his Friday lunch a bit more fun. Today I packed lunch in his bentgo kids. 
He has ham and cheese barley wraps, grapes, sugar snap peas, Tiny Teddy carrots, cacao and chia ball, cheese stick, and apple slices. 

He loves it when I use the little bear cutter so I know he’s going to love those carrots! 

The system I use when packing his lunch is to make it balanced: carbs, dairy, protein, fruit and veg. I try to make sure he has something from each category, It helps with making it varied and to ensure he has lasting energy to learn at school. 

Do you have a system you use to pack lunch? I’d love to hear it!

– Mel

First Day Back Lunches

imageTerm 4 has begun! Today I packed my 6 year old prep boys lunch in the Bentgo Kids.

He has: Meatballs leftover from dinner, Grapes, Carrot sticks, apple slices, dried apricots, crackers and cheese and a Thomas boiled egg.


Fruit break consisted of banana, orange and a cacao ball.


Last night we made the chia and cacao balls and my son helped out with the rolling of the coconut. I always think getting them to help is great as they love to be involved in the making of their food, he polished off 2 before bed!


Another cute thing I made up in the holidays were little lunchbox note cards. I used theseΒ Free PrintablesΒ then laminated and cut them out.

Not to forget my 3 year old and his home lunch today:


Mr. 3 has Tomatoes, Grapes, sugar snap peas, meatballs, almonds, cucumber and Ham Rollies packed in his Bentgo as well. He will eat more than this today but loves when I make him lunch too.

I can’t believe school is back already, the holidays went so quick! What did you pack today?

  • Mel