Frog Lunch

Today’s lunch is packed in the Boon Cargo. I always use this box when I want more space as it fits so much more food than the yumbox or bentgo, although it’s not leakproof and the lid can be a little tricky for some it was one of the first bento boxes we got and I’m still using it a year on. It is for sure one of my favourites. 

Anyway today’s lunch is a frog theme! My sons favorite colour is green and frogs are one of his favorite animals (maybe because they are green haha) so I think he will be very happy when he opens it at lunchtime today. 

In the top section he has star carrots, polka dot corn, salami sticks and strawberries down the side. 

Aplple slices with some alpha letters and some grapes for more green. 

My favorite part of the lunch, spinach wrap sandwiches. I used the cute z cute animal friends cutter and sliced cheese then put the cutoff of wrap underneath because my son will eat them and it means no wastage. I had the perfect lunch box note but forgot to pop it in, next time! 

– Mel


Witch Halloween Lunch

It’s the last school week before Halloween! That means 5 more Halloween Lunches. I’ve started the week with a witch theme. 


Today’s lunch is packed in the Boon Cargo. I love how the sandwich is central and everything else surrounds. At the sides he has a boiled egg with alpha letters, babybel cheese with a “W” for Witch, apple slices and grapes. 


His sandwich has a plastic cupcake topper and cat pick with foodoodler cauldron drawn on. Behind the sandwich are star biscuits I made yesterday. 

Up the top of the lunchbox he has peas, witches broom made from a twiggy stick and ham with a wrap band to secure it, carrot stars and another lunchbox note from these Free Halloween Joke Printables at artsyfartsymama. 

Finished off with a banana for fruit break and packed in his freezable lunch bag. 

– Mel

Paw Patrol Lunch

Friday fun: Paw Patrol! Today’s lunch is packed in the Boon Cargo. 

Mr. Prep has: Marshall sandwich, Cheese Bones, strawberry and grape mini kabobs, carrot bones, boiled egg and sultanas in the mini tub.

Yesterday I found a bone shape cookie cutter and knew that I could finally do the paw patrol lunch I’d been thinking of. I used the bone cutter on the carrot and cheese. 

The cutter I used for his sandwich was the LunchPunch dog kennel from the Critters pack. It was pretty cute as it was but then I added the spots and hat with foodoodlers and the result is super cute!

Add in some puppy picks and alpha letters and it was done. Paw Patrol is one of the shows my son really loves so I know he’s going to be one happy boy at lunchtime today! 

– Mel

Lion Lunch

I’ve been wanting to do a lion lunch for my son for a while now, and today was finally the day! 

This lunch is packed in the boon cargo. I love that the main meal is central and everything else surrounds it.

The lion has a spiralised carrot mane and sandwich face, which I placed in a silicone cup so it won’t be soggy when he eats it!

I added alpha letters, lion baran and picks to carry through the theme.

I used a lion cutter on his watermelon, I find that watermelon works well with an imprint cutter. 

He also has a cacao and chia protein ball, corn on the Cobb, salami stick, apple slices, strawberries, babybel cheese and a banana for fruit break.

My little lion man will be happy today!

– Mel

Halloween Lunch #2

Our second halloween lunch has been made in the boon cargo. I’m really enjoying doing these ones for my son. While we were at our local Coles yesterday I picked up some Lindt chocolate ghosts with pumpkin and ghost picks in them and thought they’d be great for adding to lunches! We don’t normally buy treats like this but my son has been so excited for halloween this year because last year we celebrated it and the kids had so much fun.

Anyway back to the healthy Halloween lunch! 

After the kids had had some of the ghosts yesterday I trimmed off the circle part of pick so they are long and perfect for mini kabobs. 

He has grapes and strawberries on these ones.

And his favorite watermelon balls on the others.

Using some alpha letter cutters I made the word “Boo” out of cucumber and added a small pick to keep it in place.

I added a corn cob monster, cheese and salami sticks, pumpkin shaped carrots, a coco2 spread pumpkin sandwich and another cute laminated note from These Printables

Plus a banana for fruit break:

I picked up a really cool new lunch bag yesterday that I’m hoping my son loves, it’s called a “PackIt”fully freezable lunch bag and keeps the food cold for 10 hours, much like a fridge to go but much cuter for my son. 

If you own a boon cargo you would know how hard it is to find a lunch bag that it fits in, I was so excited when it fit in our new one!

All packed and ready for school my son will have a nice and cool (literally) halloween lunch today! 

Have you made a halloween lunch? Hopefully this has inspired you!

– Mel

Boon Cargo – Lunchbox Series

Part 2 of the Lunchbox Series: Boon Cargo. This is also one of the first boxes I ever got. (Boon trunk and cargo and a original Yumbox) this one has become one of my most favorite boxes to pack in. The shapes of the compartments are really easy to work with once you learn what fits, it can fit a whole sandwich which I think is our favourite thing as well as everything surrounding the main lunch item is really cool. Now the first lunch I ever made in this was not so great, I had no experience with such a cool lunchbox but I learnt pretty quick. 

The second was much the same:
Now those were over a year ago, I’ve put them in this post to show you that anyone can get up to the point where my lunches are now, I wasn’t very good at the start and over the past year have really learnt how to pack awesome lunches (my sons think so anyway!) We all have to start somewhere though and this was it for me. 

Now onto some from this past year, at the start I was still learning but as you can see through the progression of pictures you get better (and quicker!) each time.

Term 1


Term 1


Term 2


Term 2


Term 2


Term 3


Term 3


Term 3

As you can see the way I make lunches has changed quite a bit over the year. I’ve learnt what foods my son eats and doesn’t, I’ve gotten more bento tools along the way which makes making lunch more fun and I’ve worked out what works well in this lunchbox. I’ve also learnt how to take better pictures! The Boon cargo is one I use at least once a week because it’s really easy to use, holds quite a bit of food and I love the layout. Do you own a boon Cargo? I hope you’ve learnt some new tips and tricks from our pictures! Next up is the yumbox…

– Mel

Halloween and Car Lunches

Finally October has come around which means that all those cute halloween lunch ideas I’ve seen and thought of all year can be used! 

The Boon Trunk Snack Box was my lunchbox of choice today because it holds a lot more food and is a bit taller too. I had a lot of fun making this one and I think it came out really cute, Mr. Prep is going to love it! 


I’ve been waiting to do these cute Jack o lantern mandarins, it was so easy to add the face with a marker but it looks so effective!


I printed off these Free Halloween Lunch Box Notes and laminated them to include in his lunch:

With his Sandwich I used the funbites cutter and made little letter stacks, alphabet letters are such a cute addition and my son enjoys reading the words. The rest of his lunch was: Bat boiled egg, raisins in yellow tub, babybel cheese monster, bat carrots, Ham Rollups, corn on the cob, black grapes and dried apricots.


All packed up ready to go, I like to write on his banana as well because it gets peeled off and is such a large space to add words and pictures to make it fun.


Master 3’s lunch today is car themed, his favourite thing ever! I packed his in the boon cargo today. 

He has:

Car Boiled Egg, Ham Rollups,Grape  Tomatoes, carrot sticks, sugar snap peas, cucumber and a vege spread car sandwich. 

I’m excited to create more Halloween lunches and my son just loves it and has already asked if we can buy a pumpkin to carve all spooky. It’s not such a celebrated day in Australia but we always do a little something as it’s such a fun time for kids. 

– Mel